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If you’re in the market for affordable truck rental in Cape Town then you’ve found the chosen the best vehicle rental company to get a quote from!

We specialise in simplified truck hire solutions for private individuals and SME’s. This means that anybody can now easily rent a truck in Cape Town on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis.

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Who is Book-a-Bakkie?

We are an extremely diverse vehicle rental company with access to a national fleet of over 1500 vehicles. Two of our most popular branches are conveniently located in Cape Town.

Our services extend beyond truck hire and include:

  1. Affordable furniture removal
  2. Daily deliveries
  3. Linehaul transport services
  4. Refrigerated truck hire
  5. Crane truck hire
  6. Bakkie and van rental

Why Book-a-Bakkie?

If you are looking to hire a truck in Cape Town then Book-a-Bakkie should be your number one choice! Our services have been simplified and costs minimised in order to cater to these specific markets. We also provide bakkie and van hire in the Western Cape as well as a highly affordable alternative to furniture removals.

What aspects should I consider before hiring a truck in Cape Town?

  • Size and nature of your load
  • Distances you need to travel
  • Specifications of the truck you looking to hire (Truckload capacity and configuration)
  • The road network surrounding the Western Cape
  • The cost of fuel and the consumption of your hired truck

Please note that the vehicles reflected on this page are only an indication of our fleet and as a result, the supplied vehicle at the time of hire may differ.

Our fleet includes:


Load Capacity

Panel Van

Panel Van Truck Hire

1.6 ton
4 ton
5 ton
8 ton
Panel Van

Curtain Side Truck Hire

4 ton
5 ton
8 ton

Drop Side

Drop Side Truck Rental

4 ton
8 ton


Tail-lift Truck Rental

4 ton
8 ton


Fridge Truck Rentals

1 ton
4 ton
6 ton
8 ton


Crane Truck Rental

8 ton – 3 ton Crane
8 ton – 5 ton Crane
8 ton – 6 ton Crane
12 ton – 6 ton Crane
14 ton – 5 ton Crane

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