Moving Truck Rental

Moving Truck Rental

Moving homes isn’t easy and it is seldom cheap! So it is only natural that you are looking for ways to cut costs. One way to save costs is through a moving truck rental service to move your household items for you. Unlike traditional furniture removal, you only end up paying for the truck and the driver, everything else is up to you!

What is Moving Truck Rental?

Moving truck rental is a simplified process that involves the renting of a vehicle and driver to move your goods for you, it does not include a full packaging,wrapping and insurance program, but it does do the job just as well. The only difference being that the packaging will have to be done by you and our price is 40-60% cheaper. Our qualified drivers will aid in the loading of the vehicle, we can even provide tail-lift trucks that aid with heavy items.

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We offer both local and national relocation.

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