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Van Rental JohannesburgRenting a van is one of the most used methods of transportation in Johannesburg. Be it from renting a van to move your goods, either commercially or recreationally, or as people carriers, there is no denying the ease that is associated with that of renting a van. At Book-a-Bakkie we pride ourselves on not only the size of our van rental fleet in Johannesburg but also the way in which we take care of our customers.

Who we are and what our van rental service consists of

At Book-a-Bakkie, our goal is to offer a van rental service that is easily available to individual consumers in Johannesburg. From the moment we receive your inquiry, we are aimed at providing you with a van rental that best suits your needs and at the most competitive prices in Johannesburg. Don’t be deterred, we are not limited to Johannesburg, our capabilities are nationwide with branches spread across most major cities in South Africa.

Here are a few tips to look out for when renting a van in Johannesburg

  • Costs involved – most van rental companies in Johannesburg hide many costs within their quotations. Be sure to know and understand what you are paying.
  • Size of the vehicle – a vital step in renting a van is understanding the different sizes and payloads of the van, if you are having trouble understanding the various terminologies involved with van rentals, call us today and we will gladly assist.
  • Distances travelled – be sure to understand the distance your van rental needs to cover, this will substantially affect the cost of your rental.

The best van rentals in Johannesburg

We recognise that van rental companies in Johannesburg do not always provide the best service or prices to the individual. That is why we are here. If you are looking to rent a van in Johannesburg, call Book-a-bakkie, we’ll do the rest!

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