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Truck Rental for Moving

Why truck rental for moving?

Truck rental for moving has become a better, more cost effective and easier option for people looking to move homes. Mainstream furniture removal companies tend to complicate matters by charging separate amounts for every belonging in your home. They’ll quote you lets say R5000 for basic ‘furniture removal’ but then charge an extra R500 for every television set in your house, R800 for a fridge, R259 for mattress bags and so on. At Book-a-Bakkie, we see things differently, we offer truck rental services for moving.

 How does a moving truck hire service differ?

Truck Rental for MovingThe mainstream furniture removal companies offer a fully-fledged removal service, while this is great, it comes at a price. We at Book-a-Bakkie provide a truck hire service for moving, this involves a straight-up cost for the rental of the vehicle and driver as well as a daily cost per packer that can help you pack your goods, the rest however, is up to you. Utilizing vehicle rental to move furniture only involves the rental cost of the vehicle and the labour as-and-when needed as opposed mainstream furniture removal companies that charge for boxes, blankets, special units such at tv’s, packing fees and a host of other hidden costs ontop of their initial price.

Truck rental for moving works out to be 40-60% cheaper than a mainstream furniture removal service.

Who is Book-a-Bakkie?

Book-a-Bakkie is a new bakkie, van and truck hire provider based in South Africa that focuses it’s services on individuals and SME’s, not large businesses. Apart from offering truck rental for moving, Book-a-Bakkie provides long-distance transport solutions both inter-provincial and cross-border as well as commanding a specialized fleet that consists of crane vehicles, fridge vehicles and tail-lifts. Book-a-Bakkie has access to over 1500 vehicles in every major South African centre.

Rent a truck for moving, your home deserves it

Utilizing truck rental to move homes creates that ‘do it yourself’ attitude. We at Book-a-Bakkie dont see truck rental for moving as a cost -saver, we’d rather like to view it as a support for people looking to create sentimentality in their lives. Houses are homes, and moving homes is just as sentimental as building one.

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So, truck rental for moving is more than just renting a truck for moving, it is a support structure that can help create meaning and provide emotional well-being by physically including the home owner in the moving process.

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