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Truck Hire Western CapeTruck hire in the Western Cape has never been made easier.

Introducing Book-a-Bakkie, the best vehicle rental company in South Africa. Before Book-a-Bakkie came into existence, truck hire in the Western Cape was quite a costly and lengthy process. The reason behind this is the way in which the big truck hire companies operate. Firstly, the big truck hire companies only focus their attention on other big businesses and have no interest in the individuals and SME’s of the Western Cape. Secondly,when you try to hire a truck from these companies, they charge you extremely high deposits and there are large excesses. Now let us explain why Book-a-Bakkie is the best truck hire company in South Africa.

Who is Book-a-Bakkie?

As mentioned above, Book-a-Bakkie is a new company. Our focus is to provide simple, easy and affordable vehicle rentals to all the individuals and small to medium enterprises in the Western Cape. Not big businesses. We give our clients the opportunity to sit back, relax and know that everything to do with their delivery is taken care of. We ensure that this is the case with every single delivery we ever do.

How does Book-a-Bakkie ensure this?

It is simple, every one of our vehicles goes out with a Book-a-Bakkie driver. In doing this, we reduce your deposit and eliminate the limitation of liability cover excess. just another way we at Book-a-Bakkie are looking to help you.

Get the best truck hire service in the Western Cape

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