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Are you looking for a truck hire company in Gauteng? Are you looking to rent a truck in Johannesburg?

Then we are pretty sure you are finding it as frustrating as we did, in fact, we found the truck hire services in Johannesburg and Pretoria so annoying that we decided to start our own truck hire company, Book-a-Bakkie.

Where to Rent a Truck in Gauteng

If you were to call Book-a-Bakkie today, you would be provided with a truck hire quotation that is ALL-INCLUSIVE, one that provides transparency and peace of mind in terms of knowing your truck rental costs.

The way we eliminate these over-the-top prices is by providing a dedicated and skilled driver with every truck hire, this, believe it or not, actually allows us to save you money!

For more information or to get a quote, contact us 0861 266 522 or

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Truck Rental Fleet

ConfigurationLoad Capacity

Panel Van

Panel Van Rental

1.6 ton
4 ton
5 ton
8 ton

Curtain Side

Curtain Side Truck Hire

4 ton
5 ton
8 ton

Drop Side

Drop Side Truck Hire

4 ton
8 ton
ConfigurationLoad Capacity


4 ton
8 ton


Fridge Truck Rental

1 ton
4 ton
6 ton
8 ton


Crane Truck Rental

8 ton – 3 ton Crane
8 ton – 5 ton Crane
8 ton – 6 ton Crane
12 ton – 6 ton Crane
14 ton – 5 ton Crane

Why is Good Truck Hire Hard to Find?

Well, first of all, they only care about other big businesses, retrieving large, long term contract that bring in millions in revenue. This focus means that such truck rental companies do not make their product or service with the consumer in-mind. This leads to complicated quotation systems that only a C.A could possibly understand… think we’re joking?

Truck hire companies in Johannesburg and Pretoria charge a separate price for Limitation of Liability cover, labour, fuel, kms, excess kms, contract fees, excess liabilities and then on top of that all they throw in a minimum R5000 deposit. By the end of it all, there is no possible way to know how much money you are going to spend or how much liability you are taking on.

Rent a Truck Now!

So, if you’re looking for a friendly, affordable and easy truck hire service in Gauteng, then look no further.

For more info on truck rental in Gauteng or to make a booking, please call us on 0861 266 522 or email us at Our sales team will contact you with a quote.

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