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Rent a Van In Johannesburg

Rent A Van In Johannesburg

Rent a Van In JohannesburgThe Johannesburg roads are long, they’re curby and they’re potholed. At Book-a-Bakkie we just mad about that. We love the road but our passion is transporting your goods.

What Book-a-Bakkie offers you!

At Book-a-Bakkie we’ve designed a simplified and affordable all-inclusive quotation package that eliminates additional costs and surprises and increases your time and savings. As a proud partner to the Spartan Group – a logistics and transportation company that offers a service for large corporations so we’ve decided to do the same for you but a small pinch of the overpriced.

Why Book-a-Bakkie cares

We’ve noticed that you are an individual or an SME and not a large corporation.To rent a van in Johannesburg can be a a nightmare. Many failing transportation companies are overlooking their role as a consumer service and are neglecting the real wants and needs of our consumers.

Rent a van in Johannesburg with us ‘cause we offer you that differentiated value.

But before you can rent a van in Johannesburg you need to consider:

  • The weight and size of your goods
  • The distance between your destinations
  • Our Terms and Conditions

Once that easy step is determined you can rent a van in Johannesburg from our:

  • 14 seater carriers
  • Delivery vans
  • 1.6 Ton panel vans
  • Open back vans

A lot of choice to suit you. Rent a van in Johannesburg and you’ll get a professional driver, too!

Rent a van in Johannesburg

Hire a van in Johannesburg today by calling us  on 0861 266522 or e-mail us at and
we’ll email you back.

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