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Rent a Bakkie in Johannesburg

Are you looking to rent a bakkie?

Rent a Bakkie in JohannesburgIf so, then you’ve probably realised that its a far more complicated activity than it needs to be. This is because people looking to rent a bakkie in Johannesburg tend to  call on all the wrong suppliers.

Larger bakkie rental companies in Gauteng do not really care to do business with individual consumers, this is because they have a bunch of large corporate clients that give them all the business they need, therefore they consider individuals looking to rent a bakkie in Johannesburg more of a pain then a pleasure. But don’t worry, we are here to help.

Not your average bakkie rental company

Welcome to Book-a-Bakkie, we’re a nationwide vehicle rental company that focuses, targets and caters to individual consumers and SME’s, we do not care to do business with large corporate companies.

How have we done this? We have simplified our service offering by providing a streamlined and transparent quotation system that was formulated specifically for consumers that are looking to hire a bakkie in Johannesburg.

Our rental service

If you have called on any of the large bakkie hire companies in Johannesburg, you probably know how their pricing system works. These companies charge customers per km, per excess km, for fuel, daily rates, contract fees, delivery charges and so on…

Now, unless you’re a transport mogul, there is no possible way to determine how much you are actually paying for your bakkie hire.

Our quotation system is slightly different. We work out your specific needs according to what you are moving, how far you moving it and advise on what vehicle best suits your needs. From there, we provide you with a quotation that is all-inclusive.

Rent a bakkie in Johannesburg today!

If you feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of searching for a simple and affordable bakkie rental company in Johannesburg, then call us today on 0861 266 522 or email us at, we’ll do the rest…

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