Rent a Bakkie in Durban

Are you looking to rent a bakkie in Durban?

Rent a Bakkie in DurbanTo South Africans, the word best used to describe a light vehicle to transport goods around the country is BAKKIE.  The use of a bakkie is endless, be it to transport goods for your business or personal use. At some point in every person’s life, there will be the need to move a single item or a basket of goods. When this time comes, renting a bakkie will be the ideal option. Why interact with the big companies who are going to make you burn a hole in your pocket and are only interested in other big corporate business. Yes, these companies can make renting a bakkie in Durban – or any other city in South Africa– a grueling experience, but you can stop worrying right now because Book-a-Bakkie is now here. Book-a-Bakkie is the best value for money option when it comes to renting a bakkie in Durban.

Who is Book-a-Bakkie?

Our name says it all. Book-a-Bakkie is the company to use when you are looking to rent a bakkie in Durban or nationwide. Book-a-Bakkie has a goal, and that goal is to offer the best and most affordable bakkie hire to every individual and SME in Durban. We want our clients to sit back, relax and know that there delivery is taken care of.  From the moment our ‘Book-a-Bakkie’ operators answer your call, they work continuously at sourcing you the correct vehicle (from our 1000 vehicle strong fleet) and working out the cheapest rate possible.

Rent a bakkie in Durban today!

So stop wasting time on the big bakkie hire companies in Durban and come to Book-a-Bakkie and “we’ll do the rest”   For more information call us on 0861 266 522 or email us at

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