Truck Fleet Specs

Truck Rental Fleet

At Book-A-Bakkie, we stock a comprehensive fleet of trucks that come with various load capacities. These include:

  • Panel Vans
  • Curtain Sides
  • Drop Sides
  • Crane Trucks
  • Fridge Trucks
  • Tail-lift Trucks

View our truck specs below:

Please note that the vehicles reflected on this page are only an indication of our fleet and as a result the supplied vehicle at the time of hire may differ.

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Truck Rental Fleet

ConfigurationLoad Capacity

Panel Van

Panel Van Rental

1.6 ton
4 ton
5 ton
8 ton

Curtain Side

Curtain Side Truck Hire

4 ton
5 ton
8 ton

Drop Side

Drop Side Truck Hire

4 ton
8 ton
ConfigurationLoad Capacity


4 ton
8 ton


Fridge Truck Rental

1 ton
4 ton
6 ton
8 ton


Crane Truck Rental

8 ton – 3 ton Crane
8 ton – 5 ton Crane
8 ton – 6 ton Crane
12 ton – 6 ton Crane
14 ton – 5 ton Crane

The Truck Hire Process

When you call us, we work non-stop at ensuring your Truck Hire gets taken care of. To show you that we mean business, here are the steps involved in hiring a truck:

  1. Complete our Online Quote Request or give us a call.
  2. Based on your individual requirements, we formulate an all-inclusive quote.
  3. Once a quote is prepared, we will send it back to you and await your instuction to book the vehicle.

For more information contact us on 0861 266 522 or email us at