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We see you. You’re an individual not a large corporation. You’re also a human being.
We know what you want and what you need.
At Book-a-Bakkie our agreements are specified to your distinct needs. You want to hire a van that will move your shipments on time and most importantly, you want it do be done safely.

You need to rent a van that will save you time but above all, your hard-earned money.

We Love our Country…

And that’s why you can rent a van in four major centers in South Africa that are Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria.Rent a van from the company that is proudly South African, our name alone stands as a testament to that fact.

For more information about van rentals, give us a call on 0861 266 522 or email us on info@book-a-bakkie.co.za.

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Van Rental Fleet

ConfigurationLoad Capacity


Caddy Rental

500 Kg

Cargo Van

Cargo Van Rental

1.5 ton


H100 Rental

1.3 ton
ConfigurationLoad Capacity

Panel Van

Panel Van Rental

1.6 ton


8 ton


Passenger Van Rental

14 seater

23 seater

What Book-a-Bakkie has for you

Hire a van at Book-a-Bakkie ‘cause the vans we have to offer range from:

  • 14 seater vans
  • Delivery vans
  • 1.6 Ton panel vans
  • Open backs
  • Caddies
  • Cargo vans

Hire a van with us and you’ll also get a professional driver to give you back time and reduce your anxieties. You can also rent a van for affordable furniture removal, daily deliveries or long-distance transportations. Apart from van rentals, Book-a-Bakkie also has a variety of other vehicles for hire including bakkies and trucks in all sizes and specifications such as panel vans, drop sides, curtain sides, 1ton-36 ton truck tractors, fridge trucks, crane trucks and tail lift vehicles!

We’re Super Fast

So you won’t have to hire a vehicle for more than a day, but if your needs require so, you can rent a van for a day a week or even a month. Our specialty however does lie in the daily rental of vans that include our driver, by providing one of our highly skilled drivers, we actually end up saving you a whole lot of risk. By providing one of our driver along with the van hire, we are able to then waiver the insurance excess liabilities and minimize your deposit dramatically!

Hire a van, we care for you – we’re your biggest fan.

From the most simple, easy and affordable van rental company in South Africa. Call us on 0861 266 522 or email us at info@book-a-bakkie.co.za.

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