Hire a Forklift

Easy Forklift Rental

At Book-A-Bakkie, we offer a quality forklift hire service. When you need to hire a forklift, we are the ideal service provider to have in your contact list.

We stock counter balanced diesel forklifts with load capacities that range between 1,8 and 4,5 tons.

We understand that not every company is in a position to own a forklift, and this is why we give you the option to hire a forklift.

A forklift will simply help you get loading and moving jobs done fast. When you hire a forklift you will effortlessly be able to load stock or lift equipment onto a truck or pack goods into a warehouse.

Forklift Operators – We can supply you with an experienced forklift operator. An experienced forklift operator will be an advantage as the job will get done faster.

Rent a Forklift

We only currently offer our forklift rental service in Gauteng.

Contact Us

For more information about forklift rental, please give us a call on 011 393 2704 or email us at info@forklifthire.co.za.

Hire a Forklift