Hire a Bakkie in Pretoria

Are you looking to hire a bakkie in Pretoria?

Do you want to bakkie hire Pretoria? Hiring a bakkie doesn’t have to be a difficult task and one certainly would not think that hiring a bakkie in Gauteng is a hard task. The truth is that it isn’t a hard job to hire a bakkie in Pretoria, Johannesburg or anywhere in Gauteng. What is hard to bear is the price the big vehicle rental companies will charge you to hire a bakkie. We are talking about high deposits and massive limitation of liability cover excesses should the vehicle be in an accident.

This is how the big companies operate and take advantage of the individual consumers and SME’s. They simply don’t make the time or effort to conduct good business with the people of South Africa unless you are a big company yourself. So we got to thinking and decided that it is time that the individuals and SME’s of our country have a company designed specifically to cater for their delivery moves.

Who is Book-a-Bakkie?

Book-a-Bakkie is a new, hip and easy to use company that is focused on helping out the individuals and SME’s of South Africa and not big businesses. Our tagline simply, easy and affordable is a testament to what we at Book-a-Bakkie are trying to achieve. We believe in fair business and that every deal has a high price, a low price and a right price. We want to make the client feel at home when moving goods with Book-a-Bakkie.

Our bakkie rental fleet:


Load Capacity

Half Ton

Half Ton Bakkie Hire

500 kg
Premium Single Cab

Premium Single Cab Rental

1 ton

Single Cab

Bakkie Hire Johannesburg

1 ton

Double Cab

Double Cab Bakkie Hire

900 kg


Volumetric Bakkie Hire

1 ton

Super Toner

Bakkie Rental Service

1 ton


Bakkie Rental Services

1.3 ton

Where can I hire a bakkie in Pretoria?

Hiring a bakkie in Pretoria is as simple as doing your ABC’s, only when using Book-a-Bakkie of course. Not only do we have a fleet of over 1400 vehicles at our disposal, we have branches nationwide with two branches being situated in Gauteng. Our branch in Centurion allows for us to deliver goods for any person or SME in Pretoria. If we can’t get a vehicle from our Pretoria branch then we just get one from our Johannesburg branch. There is nothing we cannot do to help somebody in need.

Rent a bakkie in Pretoria today!

For bakkie hire in Pretoria or anywhere else in South Africa, then please call us on 0861 266 522 or email us at

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