Cheap Van Rental

Looking for a Cheap Van Rental?

It is the South African way to get good value for money. Book-a-Bakkie’s affordable van rental is the way to go when looking to rent a van at a discount price.

At some point in your life, you will need to rent a van, either commercially or for recreational purposes. This is where Book-a-Bakkie comes in! We handle everything from the driver, the limitation of liability cover and even extra hands if you got a heavy load. There is nothing we can’t handle.  It is our main goal to provide a cargo van rental market that is accessible to, and affordable for individuals.

Who is Book-a-Bakkie?

Book-a-Bakkie has a nationwide fleet of vans to rent, so there is nowhere in the borders of South Africa we cannot deliver to.

Apart from our cheap van rental offerings we also specialise in truck rentals and bakkie rentals as well as further services such as: long distance transport, furniture removal and express deliveries.

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Van Rental Fleet

ConfigurationLoad Capacity


Caddy Rental

500 Kg

Cargo Van

Cargo Van Rental

1.5 ton


H100 Rental

1.3 ton
ConfigurationLoad Capacity

Panel Van

Panel Van Rental

1.6 ton


8 ton


Passenger Van Rental

14 seater

23 seater

Things to concider before Renting a Van

Now all of this might sound amazing but don’t be fooled, there are cheap van rental companies out there that are not as nice as we are! So to help you guys, we have compiled a few points to help you make a concise decision as to renting a van. They are as follows:

  • Size- the vehicle size is everything. Make sure you don’t get a panel van rental that is not suited to your needs
  • Costs- be sure to read over the quotations and terms and conditions sent by the van rental company as to be sure of no hidden costs
  • Distances- the km’s you need to travel will substantially affect the cost of your rented van.

So why wait any longer,get your bargain van rental from Book-a-Bakkie today! Browse our van hire fleet here or for more information contact us.

Additional Van Rental Information