When you have a truckload of goods to move, it would be a wiser choice to use a truck to move it. Book-a-Bakkie understands that nearly everyone will need to hire a truck at some point, whether it’s for furniture removals, commercial deliveries or any other kind of professional or recreational use.

For this reason, we offer truck hire as one of our wide range of superior utility vehicle rental services that we offer.

We’ve kicked it up a notch

Most utility vehicles hire services market themselves predominantly to businesses because these are the people who would rent these kinds of vehicles on a regular basis.

At Book-a-Bakkie, however, we know that everyday individuals will also find an occasion where truck rental is completely unavoidable. Book-a-Bakkie has therefore ensured that our truck rental packages are tailor-made to suit the requirements of individual customers; and not large-scale businesses. Renting a truck through Book-a-Bakkie is customisable based on your particular requirements (the vehicle is chosen, trip mileage etc.), affordable, quick and convenient to arrange.

We also know that people don’t rent trucks for the same reasons, which means that you may be looking for something specific in the truck you hire. We’ve done our best to ensure that our fleet of trucks comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and functions so that we have the right vehicle to best suit the particular job that you have.

Choose a truck

Whether you’re planning a super-braai at your place, throwing a winter wonderland party, or perhaps even enjoy large quantities of ice-cream, Book-a-Bakkie has refrigerated trucks to rent for goods that need to be kept cold.

When you need to move something that’s a bit more difficult to get off the ground, Book-a-Bakkie also has crane trucks for hire, so that you can load large or heavy items, and drive them off to your specified location in one simple and convenient process.

If these weren’t exactly what you had in mind, we still have plenty more models in our impressive fleet for you to choose from. 14-ton drop-side trucks, tail-lift trucks and curtain-side trucks are just some of the other trucks to rent at Book-a-Bakkie.

You’re in luck

With our wide range of trucks, competitive packages, and our customer centric business philosophy; you can be sure that Book-a-Bakkie is your best choice when you’re looking for a truck to rent. There’s no need to look elsewhere when we offer it all!

For more information, give us a call on 0861 266 522.

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