One of the biggest expenses for a business is transport costs. The cost of delivering orders, collecting stock and moving equipment can be astronomical, especially for a new business.

Why sit with high vehicle repayments, service costs and costly breakdown when you can simply make use of an affordable truck hire service…

Book-a-Bakkie offers a wide range of truck configurations that suits a large variety of transportation requirements. We do not limit you as to how long you need to hire a truck for. Our daily, weekly and monthly rental deals will ensure that your exact rental requirements are met!

Why truck hire from Book-a-Bakkie makes sense

As a business, renting a truck simply makes financial sense. You don’t have any monthly repayments to a bank, insurance premiums or service and repair costs. Picture owning a truck with all the monthly expenses attached to it and you do not have enough orders to cover the cost. This is the reason why renting a truck makes sense. With a truck hire service, you only need to pay for a truck when you need it.

With the fixed cost of a truck hire service, you can easily build in the costs to your orders and ensure that you are making a profit every time!

We offer a further cost-saving measure to your business in the form of staffing solutions. Along with your rental truck, we offer you the option to hire a driver and assistants to help you move your load or to deliver your orders.

Why choose Book-a-Bakkie?

Book-a-Bakkie is a proudly South African company who is committed to the success of our customers. We offer a service that comes with a lot of knowledge and passion. We do not limit who can rent our vehicles, our service is offered to private individuals, SME’s and corporate companies on flexible and easy to understand terms.

If you would like to find out more about our service offering, please give us a call on 0861 266 522 or email us at

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