The city of Johannesburg isn’t Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy for nothing! Everywhere you look- buildings go up, cars zoom past and business booms on almost every corner. Just look on a map and you’ll see that all roads lead to this pulsing heart of South Africa.

Individuals and small businesses form an imperative part of Jozi’s economy, which is why we’ve made it our concern to ensure that individuals and small businesses are able to hire utility vehicles with ease. As our name suggests, Our main speciality lies in single and half-day bakkie rentals in Johannesburg. After all, just about everyone will find the need to hire a bakkie at some point or another.

Why we’re better

Medium and large businesses are the ones who will typically require utility vehicles on a regular basis, which is why most vehicle hire services tend to market themselves primarily to these groups. However, where does that leave you, the individual? Simply because you don’t need a bakkie every day, doesn’t mean that it should be an inconvenience to arrange when the need does arise. At Book-A-Bakkie, we don’t believe that your individual needs should be overlooked; which is often the case with other companies. Instead, we focus on providing individuals and small businesses with affordable and customisable bakkie hire in Johannesburg. Additionally, because we’re based in the city of gold, you can be assured that hiring a bakkie in Johannesburg through Book-A-Bakkie will be quick and convenient to arrange.

No one can beat our fleet

Johannesburg is a bustling city full of different people all doing different things. Because we know that each of our clients is different and thus has different requirements when hiring a bakkie in Johannesburg, we’ve made sure that our fleet of bakkies is as diverse as the customers who need them. With so many bakkies in so many different shapes, sizes and configurations- you can be sure that you’re getting the best bakkie for your buck! Just some of the bakkies that we rent in Joburg include the traditional single cab, canopied bakkies, half tonners, 1 tonner, caddies and long-wheelbase bakkies, to name a few.

You’re at the right place

With our wide range of bakkies, competitive packages, and our customer centric approach to doing business; you can be sure that you’ll strike gold by renting a bakkie in Joburg through us. Call us today- we’ll do the rest!

We also offer Bakkie Hire in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

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