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Bakkie Hire in Pretoria

The best provider of bakkie hire in Pretoria

Bakkie Hire in Pretoria
Looking for bakkie hire in Pretoria? Then look no further than Book-a-Bakkie. The various bakkie rental suppliers in Pretoria can be a pain to deal with, this is because they are fully focused on their big-business customers and not on individuals or SME’s looking to hire a bakkie.

Large bakkie rental companies in Gauteng offer individuals and SME’s the maximum rate to hire a bakkie, this is because they see no value in you! Besides their astronomical rental prices, their quotation systems are more complicated than 5th year medicine at TUKS, if you have tried to rent a bakkie in Pretoria before then I’m sure you are already aware of this.

It is through our personal, negative experience of trying to deal with such bakkie hire companies in South Africa, that we decided to create Book-a-Bakkie.

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Load Capacity

Half Ton

Half Ton Bakkie Hire

500 kg
Premium Single Cab

Premium Single Cab Rental

1 ton

Single Cab

Bakkie Hire Pretoria

1 ton

Double Cab

Double Cab Bakkie Hire

900 kg


Volumetric Bakkie Hire

1 ton

Super Toner

Bakkie Rental Service

1 ton


Bakkie Rental Services

1.3 ton


Who and what is Book-a-Bakkie?

Book-a-Bakkie was created in order to provide simplified and affordable truck, van and bakkie rental solutions to individuals and SME’s, not only in Pretoria, but nationwide. Even though our roots may lie in Gauteng, we have access to vehicles in almost every South African province.

In addition to bakkie rentals, we also supply a comprehensive fleet of vans and trucks.

Things to look out for before renting a bakkie in Pretoria

Some aspects you may need to consider before deciding to hire a bakkie in Pretoria:

  1. Understand the size, weight and nature of your load
  2. Scrutinise your quote, most rental companies in Gauteng will try to hide many unseen costs from the untrained eye.
  3. Be specific of the route you need to travel
  4. Be aware of the inclusions and exclusions of costs stated by the bakkie rental company

Other cities where you can rent a bakkie with us:

So there you have it, if you are an individual or SME looking to bakkie hire in the Pretoria area, then call Book-a-Bakkie today on 0861 266522, or email us at

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