Bakkie Rental

Looking for bakkie rental?

At Book-A-Bakkie, we offer an easy, no fuss, no hidden costs, Bakkie hire service throughout South Africa. We believe in providing a personal yet professional service to all our clients.

We stock a large range of reliable vehicles and will assist you select the correct one for your exact needs.

Our rental services are nationwide

We operate in every major city within South Africa’s borders including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. We also representation in some of the smaller regions too!

Contact us today for simple, easy and affordable bakkie rental!

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Bakkie Rental

Bakkie Rental

The bakkie rental industry in South Africa is notoriously un-friendly. Most bakkie rental companies tend to produce complicated quotations and high prices. If you have tried to contact any bakkie rental company then you will know what we are talking about. First of all, these companies that claim that you can hire a bakkie at an affordable rate are lying. Their pricing system works on a host of hidden costs and liabilities that go unseen to the untrained eye.
Every vehicle hire and leasing company in South Africa tend to focus their efforts on larger business, they don’t care for the individual looking to rent a bakkie for a day. They almost chase individual consumers away by trying to charge top dollar for their rental services but then attempt to draw in large business customers by providing dramatically reduced rates with a major focus placed on ‘quality service’. We are here to change all this.


The average rental quote…

Is more complicated than 5th year medicine at TUKS. Corporate vehicle rental companies, especially in Gauteng and the Western Cape, produce quotes that include different costs on fuel, kms, labour, contract fees, limitation of liability cover, daily rates, excess km charges etc etc etc.

Our quotation comes ALL-INCLUSIVE, our strategy is to provide a bottom-line cost for bakkie hire, one that is transparent and true.

Call us on 0861 266522 or email us for a quote or view our bakkie fleet here.

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